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Furnitures Plazz is a Business to business platform which provide buying opportunties and product information , Furnitures Plazz mainly including:
Furnitures Plazz is the first e-commerce website which introduces B2B into the 3.0 times all over the world, and also introduces the marketing Furnitures Plazz also introduces the data synchronization between marketing website and B2B, so that your site information is available through B2B and business to achieve better website promotion. Furnitures Plazz take the new concepts: to display 20 members by business quantum, to rank by quality information of products, and also to upgrade the free members to senior member free of change in the world. In 2008, Furnitures Plazz was awarded the fastest growing and largest investment potential of global e-commerce platform by the industry. Furnitures Plazz not only helps the supplier's business grow, but the quality of our suppliers is customized, target marketing to promote the overall global program to help enterprises enhance corporate brand image and long- term developmental strategy, trading partner networks of quality suppliers to become the world's best export partner. The main trading partner services to help foreign trade enterprises to establish a platform based on the ¡°B2B Platform + Enterprises Website + Search Engine Marketing ", global marketing professional foreign trade promotion services.